We are investing substantially in South Africa, delivering fibre past 200,000 homes, with the most dynamic last mile fibre infrastructure  that addresses both the fibre to the business and home markets.

Property or land development

Subdivisions, MDUs and the Law

Whether you're planning a greenfields subdivision, new apartment or office block, we can help deliver your phone and broadband requirements.

Getting better broadband


What is broadband?

Our network

Find out what broadband is and how this is delivered to you over fibre, copper, mobile, wireless or satellite connection.

What is it?

Our network is made up of exchanges, cabinets, fibre.

Copper vs fibre

Network relocation

If you're planning a new driveway or subdividing, our network may be in the way so please check with us and use our network relocation service.


Market and research insight

Protecting our network

Gigabytes is a fact-based forum to facilitate discussion on where next generation broadband may take us and what it could mean for South Africa

If you're planning to dig, you should use our cable location service to check before you dig to see if there are any cables under your property.


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